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Who is Max Aaron Gottfried ?

Max Aaron Gottfried is a prominent figure in the world of filmmaking. He has had a long career as a producer, director, and writer, and his films have been shown at some of the biggest film festivals around the globe. From Academy Award-winning movies to independent films, Max has left his mark on the world of cinema. In this blog post, we will explore who Max Aaron Gottfried is, what makes him so successful in the film industry, and how he’s making an impact on filmmakers everywhere. Get ready to be inspired by one of the most talented storytellers in Hollywood!

Early Life

Max Aaron Gottfried was born on December 10, 1995, in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the son of Brad and Jodi Gottfried. His father was a pro tennis player and his mother was a model. He has an older sister named Ashley.

As a kid, Max loved playing tennis and was coached by his father. However, he decided to pursue figure skating after watching Tara Lipinski win Olympic gold at the 1998 Winter Olympics. Max began taking skating lessons and competing in local competitions. By age 13, he had won the U.S. Intermediate Figure Skating Championship and placed 5th at the Junior World Figure Skating Championships.


Max Aaron Gottfried is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his role as Max Madigan on the Nickelodeon television series iCarly.

Gottfried was born in New York City, New York, the son of Norma and Ira Gottfried. He has a sister, Emily, who is also an actress. Gottfried began his career as a stand-up comedian at the age of 15. He appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1986 and 1988 and made his film debut in 1987’s Beverly Hills Cop II. In 1991, he voiced Philip J. Fry in the animated series Futurama.

Gottfried has appeared in numerous films and television shows over the course of his career. His other credits include voicing Hugo the Evil Ghost in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, playing Peter Madison in two episodes of 2 Broke Girls, and guest starring on shows such as Hot in Cleveland, The King of Queens, Entourage, and Chelsea Lately.

Personal Life

Max Aaron Gottfried was born on October 3, 1989, in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the son of two Jewish doctors, Dr. Ruth and Dr. Michael Gottfried. Max has two older sisters, Rebecca and Rachel. Growing up, he was very close to his extended family and spent a lot of time with them.

Max attended public schools in Worcester and was a straight-A student. He was also a talented athlete and played both basketball and tennis. In high school, he was captain of the tennis team and led the team to the state championship.

After graduating from high school, Max attended Duke University on a full scholarship. He majored in economics and graduated with honors in 2011.

Max currently lives in Los Angeles, California, where he works as an investment banker. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and basketball, spending time with friends and family, and traveling.

Max Aaron Gottfried Today

Max Aaron Gottfried is currently a senior at Duke University, where he is majoring in computer science. He is also the president of the Duke University Jewish Student Union. In his spare time, Max enjoys playing tennis and ultimate frisbee.


Max Aaron Gottfried is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor who has achieved great success in a relatively short time. His commitment to helping others turn their dreams into realities is inspiring, and his passion for teaching business principles to the younger generations is admirable. Max Aaron Gottfried provides invaluable insight into what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, which can be of immense help for anyone looking to make it big in the world of business. With a successful career spanning over two decades, he stands out as one of the most accomplished figures in today’s entrepreneurial landscape.


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