Smooth Sailing: Strategies for Maintaining Healthy Cash Flow

In 2021, Australia experienced a nearly 13 percent business failure rate, according to the National Retail Association. To succeed, one primary skill is learning how to manage cash flow. Knowing how much money is coming and out is critical to understanding cash flow management.

Managing cash flow includes creating cash flow projections, knowing your expenses, and managing your reporting.

Here’s more on how to manage cash flow for your business.

Create Cash Flow Projections

You must understand controlling cash flow by using a good forecast. What are the assumptions for how much your customer base will spend? What will be the increase in raw materials?

Getting a grasp on these concepts helps in managing business cash flow and raising profitability.

Small business accountants can help create cash flow projections.

Knowing Your Expenses

Business expenses and managing cash flow go hand-in-hand.

Take an inventory of things such as supplies and entertainment costs. Examine how much you’re spending on real estate and insurance.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to cash flow management. You must constantly reevaluate if you want to manage cash flow in a business effectively.

Manage Your Reporting

Ensure your sales figures are correct. Track down the people who owe you money. Keep tabs on the latest numbers and loan interest rates and know the balance sheet!

Proper reporting helps in controlling cash flow and keeps tabs on your employees.


When you manage cash flow in a business, you must understand how much inventory you have. You must know what is and what is not selling.

It’s essential to know how much you paid for each item.

Is your product suddenly a hot commodity? Can you increase the price? Or is your product not selling, and is there a way to discount it?

Look for better prices for future inventory – is someone selling it cheaper? Are there ways to cut costs?

Use technology to help. Consider reordering requirements that might help you make items cheaper to avoid last-minute fees.


Covid proved that any business could have tough times, regardless of your business plan. Managing business cash flow is great when the money comes in, but knowing what to do when short is vital to success. Covid-19 also continues to affect the economy with slow growth.

Do you have access to capital? Can you get a loan? Can you restructure debt?

Knowing your financing options will keep you afloat in tough times. It will help you keep happy customers and employees.

How to Manage Cash Flow for Your Business

Ways to manage cash flow for your business include creating projections, knowing expenses, and managing reporting. It’s also essential to have a good handle on inventory managment. And if you need financing, see where you can get the best deals quickly.

Understanding how to manage cash flow with these basics will help you run a successful business!

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