Raiders Won a Superb Game


The Oakland Raiders head to Pittsburgh this week to face the Steelers. The Raiders have not won a game in Pittsburgh since 1995, 0-4 against them in Pittsburgh. The last time these two teams met was Week 6 of last season when Derek Carr threw for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns as the Raiders won 30-23. This matchup could be a lot closer though with a new look offense under Jon Gruden and an improved defense that is looking more like the one we saw last year against New England when they shut down Tom Brady (who had been playing very well).


The Raiders are 1-5 in their last six games, including a loss to the Falcons on Monday Night Football. They’ve struggled mightily on offense this season, scoring just 16 points per game while allowing 31 points per game. With that being said, they should be able to get some offense going against Pittsburgh’s defense (which is ranked 25th overall).

The Raiders have not beaten the Steelers since 1995 when John Madden was coaching them and there hasn’t been much drama since then either – but this week could be different because Oakland will finally have Derek Carr healthy again after he missed all last year due to injury concerns with his back issues which eventually led him being placed on injured reserve after having surgery earlier this month!


The Raiders have been a good team since their start, and they have played well at home. They’ve also played well against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

Jaguars in Jax

The Raiders are a better team than the Jaguars, and they’re playing at home. I think this is a game that should be won by the Raiders.

Saints in the swamp

The Saints have a good defense. They have a good running game, and they have a good passing game. They also have a coach who’s been in the NFL for 30 years, which means he knows how to win football games and he knows how to lose them too.

And finally, we come to our quarterback: Drew Brees. He’s been around forever—he’ll be 37 years old next month—but if there’s anyone who can still play at an elite level into his 40s (and beyond), it’s him!

The Raiders play a tough schedule.

The Raiders play a tough schedule. They don’t get the best teams in their division, but they do face the Steelers twice and the Chiefs twice, which is no easy task. They also play two games against New Orleans (who just beat them last year). Then they get two games against Los Angeles Chargers who were one of the worst teams in football last year. Next up comes Cleveland Browns who have had some success recently under new coach Hue Jackson and then there’s Green Bay Packers who have a quarterback controversy going on after Aaron Rodgers broke his clavicle during Week 1 game against Chicago Bears.

Then finally comes Atlanta Falcons who were not expected to be this good this soon after hiring Dan Quinn as head coach following Dan Quinn leaving Seattle Seahawks several years ago when Pete Carroll took over there as offensive coordinator before becoming head coach himself later on after retiring earlier than expected due to health reasons at age 57!

Derek Carr is likely to get more time to throw the ball against the Steelers, and he has improved his deep passing game.

The Raiders are likely to get more time to throw the ball against the Steelers, and Carr has improved his deep passing game.

The Raiders have been able to take advantage of their offensive line this season by using play action passes and designed runs that allow them to run for yards after contact. They also have a good running back in Marshawn Lynch who can catch passes out of the backfield or line up as a receiver if needed.

Carr has improved his deep passing game after struggling in 2018 when he threw just one touchdown pass over 20 yards per game (1 TD/20 yds). In 2019 though he has completed 73% of his passes that traveled at least 20 yards downfield (73%)—and two were touchdowns!

Raiders rookie S Johnathan Abram will be out for the game due to a shoulder injury after a successful start to his career

Abram has missed six games and the Raiders have won five of them. They’re 1-3 without him, which is not great but not disastrous either, considering that they were 2-0 at one point before he got hurt and are now 5-3 on the season.

Abram’s injury occurred in Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins when he collided with receiver Antonio Callaway while trying to make a tackle on a reverse pass attempt. The team is expected to be without him for a while more due to MCL and ACL tears suffered by their other starting safety (David Amerson) earlier this year as well as some other injuries along their defensive line including TJ Carrie who had surgery on both Achilles tendons last month after getting hurt during OTAs prior

Abram’s role will likely change when he returns because there aren’t many slot receivers available in free agency or through trade; however there may be opportunities for him at outside linebacker where second year defender Darius Latham could move into more prominent roles once he gets healthy again since neither Marquis Haynes nor Karl Joseph were able

The Raiders have not beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh since 1995, 0-4 against them in Pittsburgh.

The Raiders have not beaten the Steelers in Pittsburgh since 1995, 0-4 against them in Pittsburgh.

The Raiders have lost their last three games to the Steelers in Pittsburgh dating back to 2011. They are 0-3 against them at Heinz Field since 2012, losing by an average of nearly 20 points per game during that span.

The raiders have struggled in Pittsburgh (0-4)

The Raiders have struggled in Pittsburgh (0-4). Since 1995, the Raiders have not won a game in Pittsburgh.

The raiders should be better this week.

The Raiders have a good defense, and they can’t wait to give their fans some payback.

The Steelers have also been playing well lately, but that doesn’t mean that the Raiders don’t have a chance of winning this week. They are playing against one of the best teams in the league at home!


My prediction is the Raiders should win this game, but it will be close. The Steelers have a solid team and they will not back down from any challenge. I do think Carr will get more time in this game which could help his progress toward becoming an elite quarterback in the NFL. Hopefully, we can see some exciting games like this one on Sunday

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