How Much Are Escape Rooms? A Party Gaming Guide

Looking for a way to celebrate someone’s birthday? Maybe you just need a bit of fun? If so, you should consider visiting an escape room.

Escape rooms are recreational facilities that are meant to be exited. Those within the rooms must find clues and solve puzzles as a means of securing a key. Once they’ve obtained the key, they can unlock the door to the escape room, thereby allowing an escape.

What you might be wondering, however, is: how much are escape rooms? We’re going to answer that question below, in addition to a number of other questions.

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How Much Are Escape Rooms?

Escape room costs vary. Some escape rooms charge per person participating. Others charge by the hour. Others charge per session, regardless of how long the session lasts.

Per-session costs generally float around $200. Per-person costs are typically between $25 and $50. Per-hour costs frequently come in at around $150.

As you might expect, the best escape rooms tend to charge the most.

To determine the costs of escape room games near you, you’ll simply have to call and ask. If you’re looking for a cool escape room experience in Chicago, visit this escape room house.

Why Pay for an Escape Room?

Now, you might be wondering: why pay for an escape room? What are the benefits of doing so?

For one, escape rooms are fun. Solving problems and finding clues together with your friends is a great way to spend your time. You’re all bound to leave the escape room with smiles on your faces.

In addition, escape rooms provide health benefits. Not only do they exercise your mind, but they also require you to engage in physical exercise.

Trying to improve communication amongst a group of people? An escape room would facilitate this, as communication is necessary to eventually exit the room.

In essence, participating in an escape room challenge is a great bonding experience. It will bring you and your friends together, strengthening your relationships with one another.

Types of Escape Rooms

There are all types of escape rooms out there. Not only are there many different themes but many different gameplay styles as well.

Non-linear escape rooms are rooms containing multiple puzzles and clues that can be solved simultaneously. These require the cooperation of numerous participants.

Linear escape rooms require you to solve one clue at a time before moving on to the next. They generally require everyone involved to work on the same clues together.

There are also hybrid linear/non-linear escape rooms. These mix the two styles.

Red herring escape rooms employ deception to try to throw participants off the scent. Scavenger hunt escape rooms simply involve finding specific items on a list.

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