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How Long Does a Roof Inspection Take to Complete?

Are you considering adding a roof inspection to your home sale?

In times of crisis and tight marketplaces, homes without clear inspections take longer to sell. But how long does a roof inspection take?

We’ve got all the info you need to ask before adding inspections to your home sale process. Keep reading to learn more!

How Long Does a Roof Inspection Take To Complete

On average, a roof inspection typically takes anywhere from 2-3 hours to complete. It may take longer, depending on the size and complexity of the roof. The purpose of a roof inspection is to:

  • Make sure the roof is in good repair
  • Free of any signs of damage or wear
  • Provide adequate protection to the inside of the building

The inspector will look for any signs of water penetration or deterioration of shingles. They will also inspect the attic for signs of moisture or ventilation issues.

Factors That Impact the Duration of a Roof Inspection

The duration of a roof inspection is highly dependent on several factors. Here are some of the primary factors:

The Complexity of the Roof Structure

The complexity of the roof structure is a very important factor. A simple roof, such as a gable roof, will take less time to inspect than a complex roof, such as a hip roof.

It typically requires an inspector to evaluate each plane, side, valley, and hip for any damage or deterioration. Different materials will trigger further inspection for expansion, contraction, cracking, blistering, granular loss, and other damage, such as:

  • Shingles
  • Wood shakes
  • Metal
  • Straw
  • Slate
  • Tile

The Quality of the Roof Materials

As a roof inspector, it’s important to take the quality of roof materials into consideration. If the roof is composed of higher quality material, then it should require less time to inspect.

On the other hand, if the roof is composed of lower-quality materials, it will often take longer to inspect since more attention needs to be paid to its condition. The more complex the roofing system, such as a flat roof or a tile roof, the longer it will usually take to inspect.

The Size

The size of a roof inspection can also be a major factor that influences its duration. The larger the roof, the more susceptible it is to damage and could require a longer, more thorough inspection.

Smaller roofs may require less intensive assessment and can typically be covered in a shorter amount of time. If the roof has multiple levels, however, the inspector may need to take time to examine each level to ensure the full area is covered.

When to Call a Professional

If you’re unsure of where to start, it’s best to call in a roofing professional. They will evaluate the condition of your roof, inspect for any signs of leaks or water damage, suggest necessary repairs, and inform you of any actions that may need to be taken.

Depending on the complexity of the inspection, the duration may be longer. Having an inspector review your roof is an important part of maintaining a safe and effective roof system and is recommended by many industry professionals. So to ensure a hassle-free roof inspection, click here for more information!

Learn How Long a Roof Inspection Takes Today

Learning how long does a roof inspection take is essential. This typically takes between 2-3 hours to complete. For optimal results, a trained professional should be contacted for the inspection.

Start looking for a roofing company today to keep your roof and family safe and sound!

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