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CityTime login is a system that allows you to access services from the City of Los Angeles. CityTime provides you with information about what is happening in your neighborhood and gives you easy access to request services by phone or online.

Login to CityTime

Login to CityTime

If you want to login to CityTime, click on the Login button. You will be taken to a page where you can sign up for an account and verify your email address before accessing CityTime. You can also use your phone number as an alternative method of authentication if necessary.

Verify account password

To verify your account password, log in to the CityTime website. If you have forgotten your password, call 311 (or visit their website) and speak with an operator who can reset it for you.

Search for a service request

Searching for a service request by entering the location

If you are looking for a service request in a specific location, such as “service request number” or “location”, you can enter it into the search bar above. You will then be able to see all of the related requests that were created at that location.

Select the resource you’d like to request

To select a resource, click on the “Resources” tab.

  • Select the resource you’d like to request. You may select any of these options:
  • A service request type (e.g., “Water Leaks”) or category (e.g., “Maintenance”).
  • A service request priority level (e.g., “High”).
  • The location where you would like this request fulfilled (e.g., “Home”).

Submit your request online or by calling 311.

  • Online: To submit your request online, visit [the link here].
  • By email: You can also send an email to with the word “request” in the subject line and include as much detail about your issue as possible (e.g., time period and location). Please be sure to include any additional information that might help us respond properly, such as a photo of the door or other details about what happened when you tried entering into CityTime but were unable to do so because of faulty equipment.)

You can find help with CityTime by following these steps

If you need to find help with CityTime, follow these steps:

  • Contact 311 (311 is the number for getting help from the city). You can call it directly or use your phone’s dialer app to search for “311”.
  • Look for an online chat feature in your account settings and log in using your email address and password that was provided when you signed up for CityTime or updated your profile information at any time after signing up (you may have forgotten this information). If you don’t see this option now but had it before, make sure that everything else is correct including your phone number and what kind of device(s) are attached to them (cellular vs Wi-Fi). If so then click “Connect” below where it says “Connecting…”


The CityTime login is a great way to find information and ask questions about services in your community. The next step is to verify your account password, which can be done by calling 311 or visiting our website. If you have any other questions about how to use this service, please feel free to contact us at anytime!


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