Benefits of Wireless Earbuds: What You Need to Know

Want to know which type of earbuds you should purchase? Read this to discover the benefits of wireless earbuds you need to know!

If you’re an avid consumer of media, you’ll know the value of a decent pair of earbuds. These days many of us wouldn’t be without the ability to access on-demand entertainment and information. As time marches on, the favored method of consumption is through video and audio rather than the humble written word.

Previously wireless earbuds were seen as something of a novelty, but in recent years they’ve secured a staunch following. Many phones have opted not to include a 3.5mm jack at all, ushering in what may be the final blow to wired earbuds altogether. There are still some people reluctant to ditch the wire, but before long they may not have a choice.

It seems the writing is all the wall for wired interfacing in general and for good reason! Read on to find out more.

The Benefits of Wireless Earbuds

Most benefits of wireless earbuds will be obvious to anyone who’s ever spent any time with their wired counterparts, but that doesn’t mean they win hands down. Both types have their place, and in the end, it’s a choice that comes down to personal preference. The benefits of both have to be weighed carefully, but it’s hard to ignore the drawbacks of a wired connection.

To start with, the distance you can be from your device is dictated by the length of the wire. This means each time you have to stand up and go somewhere you have to pocket your device. With a wireless alternative, you’re free to walk around the house without the need of carrying your phone with you.

Walking around with a wire trailing from your ears to a pocket is asking for trouble. This loop loves to snag on things and is a great source of irritation. If you’ve ever walked around for any length of time like this, you’ll know all too well the risk door handles pose.

Power Draw

In a world where battery life is everything, it’s worth noting that wired headphones don’t have their own power source. Instead, to receive the audio signal and power the earbud drivers, wired earbuds rely on the battery of your phone. During long trips, the power draw adds up and will shorten the time you need between phone charges.

Conversely, Bluetooth earbud technology requires each earbud to be powered individually. While your phone still spends a little energy relaying information, the physical vibration of the driver is no longer siphoning electricity from your phone’s battery. This means one less thing to worry about when pocketing your wireless earbuds.

This of course means you have to keep on top of charging your wireless earbuds, but the majority offer a decent range. From anywhere between 8 to 12 hours of playtime, modern models won’t die on you unexpectedly. Most wireless headphones are also capable of charging from the battery within their carry case, boosting potential playtime considerably.

A Functional Answer

If you’re planning on taking your tunes with you to the gym, the wireless option is for you. The days of pulling your earbuds out while trying to focus on your exercise are blessedly over thanks to wireless freedom of movement. Maintaining form is easy without the worry you’ll either hurt your ears or yank your phone out of your pocket when you least expect it.

In-built noise canceling is also more popular than ever and a feature many older wired solutions don’t offer. Once you’ve gotten used to the privacy noise-canceling offers, it’s hard to go back! This tech blocks out outside noise so you can focus on your music uninterrupted.

The feeling of privacy that noise cancellation offers is hard to describe but extremely welcome. We’re often forced to contend with a world full of invasive practices, all jostling to attract our attention. Decent noise cancellation allows for a listening experience you’ll not want to be without.

Common Misconceptions

If you’re still in the wired camp, it might be for good reason. There are a few benefits of wired earbuds that wireless lacks, after all. It’s impossible to lose only one earbud when they’re attached by a wire, for example. That makes a certain sense, but remember, with wired earbuds you lose them both at the same time!

It makes sense to imagine losing wireless earbuds, but many brands have thought of that. Since they’re Bluetooth, they’re easier to find than ever. Lost earbud-finding applications use their Bluetooth signal to help you easily locate any errant earbud in the immediate area.

Since they’re still a relatively new technology, people sometimes think there’s a lack of choice between models. Nothing could be further from the truth! Check out for a look over some of the best models available.

Give Wireless a Go!

Change can be wearisome, especially when it’s shoved down our throats. In the case of wireless earbuds, however, it’s a change that has been a long time coming. Wired solutions are rarely superior now that the kinks have been ironed out.

Making the change doesn’t cost a fortune either now that the technology is well established. If you’ve waited this long to give wireless a go, you’ve waited long enough. There has never been a better time to do away with wires than right now!

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