Avoid Mid-Foot Sprain: 4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Feet and Ankles

Ask any runner what injury they wish to avoid; they will probably answer with a sprained ankle. While a mid-foot sprain can also make running difficult, it can occur when performing everyday day-to-day tasks.

Sometimes the most unexpected setbacks happen. And when they do, you have to know how to recover quickly.

To get there, you must start strengthening your feet and ankles now so they are prepared when needed. Knowing the best exercise to help you avoid a mid foot sprain is easy if you read this complete guide.

1. Calf Raises

Calf raises are one of the best exercises to strengthen your feet and ankles. With regular practice, you can improve strength in the muscles located around the ankles, helping to avoid mid-foot sprains.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart to perform a calf raise and slowly raise your heels off the floor. Pause at the top of the motion and slowly return to the starting position. You can work out both sides of your legs simultaneously or isolate one side if desired.

To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can add weight by holding dumbbells or a resistance band. Calf raises are an excellent exercise for increasing the lower body’s stability and range of motion. It strengthens muscles and gives support to the ankles and feet.

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2. Heel Walking

Heel walking involves walking on just the heels of the feet while keeping the toes off the ground. This helps to improve the strength of the muscles that support the ankles and foot arches.

This exercise can be done over a variety of surfaces. You can do it on grass, concrete, and carpet, and it can also be done on bare feet or with shoes.

3. Ankle Circles

To do this exercise, sit upright in a chair, then cross one foot over the other shin. Draw circles around the ankle joint fifteen times with the top foot. Ensure that the processes are of a comfortable size with no locking of the joint.

This exercise can be completed throughout the day to strengthen the feet and ankles and to help prevent mid-foot sprains. It encourages a range of motion in the ankle joint and can help reduce stiffness or swelling.

4. Towel Curls

Towel curls are excellent to help prevent foot injury. You need two towels for each foot to do this exercise.

Begin by sitting in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, then loop each towel underneath one foot. Slowly curl your toes and feet to lift the towel, hold for 5-10 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat three sets of 15 reps for each foot.

This exercise strengthens the intrinsic muscles and improves the arch stability of the foot. It will reduce the risk of ankle injuries by supporting the foot and ankle muscles.

Try These Exercises Now to Avoid a Mid Foot Sprain

Proper ankle and foot strengthening exercises help to prevent a mid foot sprain. Taking time to routinely stretch, strengthen, and engage the feet and ankles is essential for long-term health. Incorporating these exercises into your routine can significantly protect your feet and ankles.

So get off the couch and get moving. Take the necessary steps to prevent mid-foot sprains today!

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