4 Garden Birthday Party Planning Tips for an Unforgettable Summer Bash

Americans enjoy being outdoors. So much so that recent statistics show that outdoor recreation contributed three times more to the US GDP than oil and gas development.

So, if you want to plan a memorable occasion for your next get-together, it makes sense to give the people what they want.

These are our top tips for planning a garden birthday party that your friend will talk about for months.

1. Garden Parties Need Good Weather

Summer is the best time to plan a garden party, thanks to long days and warm weather. If you love a touch of color, early fall and late spring are also promising times for planning a garden-themed party.

Remember to keep the weather in mind while setting up your party. It’s always advisable to have a rain plan in the event of showers, and shade is vital for your guests’ comfort during the heat of the day.

2. Choose a Theme for Your Garden Party

A theme always adds interest to every event, but it’s best to stick with low-key ideas for your garden party. An off-the-wall theme will detract from the tranquil ambiance provided by your surroundings.

Some of the best traditional ideas for themes include pool parties, tea parties, and picnics. People can still dress accordingly, and it makes planning your menu and decor a lot easier when you choose a middle-of-the-road theme.

3. Garden Party Decor Ideas

A tranquil green space with lush landscaping, trees, and manicured lawns is enough decoration on its own. Be sure to choose colors for your table settings that complement the exterior of your home as well as any flowers blooming at the time.

Vases of fresh flowers, matching balloons, and fairy lights are other good options.

4. Planning Your Garden Birthday Party Menu

A garden cocktail party demands finger foods for your guests’ convenience and enjoyment. If you plan to serve a sit-down meal, make sure you have a stable surface for the tables to avoid any spills.

If you’re planning a picnic, you can provide hampers and blankets for your guests.

Some of the best garden party ideas include grazing platters of fresh vegetable nibbles, cheese, biscuits, and charcuterie. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you could also fire up the grill or pizza oven and serve everyone’s favorite hot meals.

Remember to provide plenty of refreshing fruit punch to wash it all down and you simply must have a floral-themed birthday cake.

Ice cream trucks are a fun, novel way to serve desserts that soothe the summer heat and don’t require any washing up afterward.

It’s important to ask your guests about any food allergies and preferences while preparing your menu, and it’s always a good idea to include some vegan options in your spread.

Next Level Entertaining

It’s the little things that count when planning a memorable garden birthday party. Some nice touches include providing party favors for your guests, lighting a few bug-repellant candles, and providing entertainment for the children.

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